what you need to
 know about me

i am a believer in reinvention! while i have over 15 years of photography experience, my passion as an artist has continuously evolved overtime. i love to try new projects, meet new clients, and visit different locations. i often describe myself as being "crazy happy" when i am dong a session, and that is something that has never changed. camera in hand,  am in my element. 

i have an amazing husband, two phenomenal daughters, a teaching career i cherish, and i'm also a mom of two precious dogs. i love getting to know my clients, and developing relationships that allow my to follow their journeys over years. 

this year, i created a division of my photography business called "wild child arts ny" where i promote, exhibit and sell my wildlife and nature photography. currently, my work is in residence at newberry artisan market in saugerties, ny.